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Jana duggar dating

Still, she seems to be in no rush to join them on the motherhood track.

Fans are now overjoyed for the star — who has watched her younger siblings get married and start families of their own — but reports have surfaced that her rumored beau doesn't follow standard courtship rules.

Courting — which is defined as being "involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying" — is something the reality star family takes seriously.

That said, Jana’s love life (or lack thereof) is starting to get it’s share of attention, so it might be time for a refresher on “the Cinderella Duggar.” Jana’s siblings are Josh Duggar (29), John-David Duggar (27), Jill Duggar Dillard (26), Jessa Seewald (24), Jinger Duggar (23), Joseph Duggar (22), Josiah Duggar (21), Joy-Anna Duggar (19), Jedidiah Duggar (18), Jeremiah Duggar (18), Jason Duggar (17), James Duggar (15), Justin Duggar (14), Jackson Duggar (12), Johanna Duggar (11), Jennifer Duggar (9), Jordyn-Grace Duggar (8), and Josie Duggar (7).

Jana is slightly older than fraternal twin brother John-David, who is also still single.

"They have similar belief systems, but he’s a bit different in his thinking.

Last month, a mystery man in a family photo led to speculations that Jana Duggar is dating again.

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In a recent TLC clip, she interviewed Joe and Kendra about their wedding, spurring fans to note she's a natural.“She'll be helping with diapers, feeding the other kids, and just generally being a godsend as we've come to expect,” a source said. The eldest Duggar girl recently sparked rumors that she's courting after a mysterious man had been spotted in family photos.Jacob wrote in a Facebook post, "So yeah I just wanna say that this is total bunk. One commenter wrote, "I can see the top of his underwear.WE ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP." He continued, "Lol we've been friends for 21 years and all of a sudden! We just happen to be in the same picture, so of course, the media has to make up a story about it to sell. Lol." Another added, "Who's the guy on the left in front?In fact, at 27 years old, she has yet to publicly court, while younger sisters Jill and Jessa each have two children, and Jinger and Joy-Anna are both married — and Joy is expecting!