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Feminized sissy cuckold dating

Your life has no meaning since that tiny link in your pants is of no use to a real woman like me. Yeah, it's redundant since you can never get that tiny dick hard.

I can find a purpose for you but only if you're willing to submit yourself to your Goddess. Finally, sit there and watch a real man fuck this busty beauty.

Now, take out your "impressive" one-incher and I'm going to use my hands to bring you some pain. Watch and take mental notes as I take this huge black cock and slide it as far down my throat as my gag reflex will allow; that's a good slave boy.

She used my now erect penis as a handle, leading me up the carpeted stairs. ”“Tonight, my dear”, she whispered, “our little sissy Georgiana is coming out of the closet!

” “You’ll be a lovely girl in a little while, wait and see darling!

I broke away from her momentarily as she said, “Take off those silly boys’ clothes.”I managed to utter a shocked “What? “My, my, Steph”, she commented while looking at my privates.

Pulling me by the arm into the den we quickly embraced and she French kissed me. I was stunned and dazed, and I stammered something about the other kids. I removed my jeans, shoes and socks and stood before her in just my underpants.Savannah reached out and ripped my shirt open then proceeded to undo my jeans. Slipping her manicured fingers under the waist band of my briefs, she lowered them down my now trembling thighs.

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Does it piss you off that a black guy is making me happy? That huge black cock is punching my uterus like a boxing speed bag and you're helpless to watch.I have seen you after our lunches for the last month or so, how you dress and eat, you can’t fool me! So take off your clothes now, the other girls will be here shortly and we need to get ready. It sure is the cutest looking cock I’ve ever seen too!Even my father’s medical books have a term for what you are. You also have such marvelous curves too Steph, too pretty to hide! I blushed and my little cock stiffened under all the attention.You're a horrible lover but make a decent piece of human furniture. Our rating system is a compiled list of each and every one of our member's votes.Take a sneak peek at the high resolution photo sets that are included with every scene! When you're a full member, you get access to vote on all Dogfart Nework scenes. Leave a comment and let us know if you really like a certain girl. I would be with you if dating vermin and losers was an option for me. You're white, so that automatically means you lose and could never be my fuck toy.