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Wanna fuck girl dating

Preparation includes the feng-shui of the rooms too, by the way.

You want your living room to be set up so that she’ll be sitting on the couch next to you, rather than in the chair across the room from you.

Move the chairs and ottomans to the edges and far corners; sitting there will feel awkward and exclusionary rather than a natural place to sit.

A woman is more than lips, nipples and a vagina, so don’t aim straight for them.

If you’re kissing, then don’t just reach under her shirt for her breasts; kiss her neck instead, trace your fingers along the side of her face as you kiss her, run your hands down her back or thighs.

If it’s already a foregone conclusion that you’re going to have sex, if you’re mauling each other before you even get through the front door, then by all means, just pick her up and carry her straight to your bedroom. Bring her a drink, look through some photographs together or put on a movie.

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You want your places to be as girl-friendly as possible.

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She will already be nervous; it’s your job to be the her rock. You don’t necessarily want Barry White or Al Green, but you want music that works at a low volume.Your first step is to make sure your place is ready.The last thing you need is to get cockblocked by your own apartment.If at all possible, you want a good red wine, a good white wine and some basic alcohol and mixers.In addition, you want some basic breakfast possibilities; eggs, cereal, coffee.If she’s going to be staying the night then you’re going to want to be able to provide breakfast in the morning as well.