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Are dana tyler and phil collins still dating

The couple had a big wedding ceremony in 1999 with about 300 guests, among them many celebrities.

Andrea knew it as soon as he told her that he was going on tour.

She went on record saying that she felt lonely and abandoned and ultimately had a brief affair with a man, who could be considered an interior decorator. They tried to reconcile, but Andrea said that Phil was not easy to live with and that he would rage frequently.

For most of his career he has been married to his music first and foremost and now that he decided to take life and work a little easier, which puts him in a position to finally become a good husband, he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

When Phil married Andrea Bertorelli in 1975 the two had already known each other for half of their young lives.

Given the long-term nature of their relationship one is inclined to ask, if the couple will ever get married.

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As she has kept her personal life in a big mystery, there is no much information about her.

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Dana Tyler grew up in Worthington, Ohio, Unites States.She has never commented about her relationship and dating in public or in media.Her current residence is in Stamford, Connecticut, United States of America.In 2006, Tyler re presented her as the anchor WCBS's 11 pm newscast along with her 6pm duties.At the age of 48 in 2007, with her potential work she took place of veteran WABC-TV anchor Roz Abrams.But much of their conversation regarding their divorce and its settlement was indeed communicated via fax.