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Dating someone with depression symptoms

Then, when he revealed he suffers from depression, everything clicked for me.

So, my question is: What is in my future for dating him? There seems to be more bad days then there are good. but since I just started seeing him, I don't even know what to expect from this new medication?

Is he just going to be like a zombie walking around without emotions?

This lady has a ten yer old boy who is living with her and she has not been able to work due to her condition.

I am seriously thinking about getting a place in her city, have her move in with me and probably marry her some day.

but he really needs to get out to stuff to make him happy!!!!

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keep hope and stay positive i'm sure you will be ok i've been in battle with depression for 18 years.

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I know that this is typical for someone with depression.Her son is a very vulnerable child who does not need turmoil in his life right now.He expressed the thought of his mother and myself living together as a couple and sometimes calls me dad.there is nothing you can really do to make him happy, because there is something he is not telling you and he does not want to let it go!!!if he could tell or talk to someone i think it would make a big different s in him!!I tried my best to cheer him up (without knowing what he was suffering from), but it never worked.