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The time she woke up disoriented after a client drugged her — and Chris told her to shake it off and take a shower. People who care for sex-trafficking victims have a common refrain: It's not if they'll run away, but when. They have to be un-brainwashed," said Angela Goodwin, the director of investigations for the Department of Family and Protective Services, the state's child welfare agency. Sometimes the most you can hope for is, the times in between runs, they'll be shorter." A crucial element of what clinicians refer to as "trauma-informed care" is helping victims build healthy, trusting relationships — ones that allow them to battle the deep shame and helplessness that trigger the impulse to flee.

It was during her short stay there that she finally opened up about Chris.

An Austin police detective named Trent Watts began visiting her.

In part because of the skilled detectives working the case, Chris pleaded guilty, so Sarah never had to go through the ordeal of testifying against him in court.

She also had access to the only specialized treatment center Texas offers child sex-trafficking victims: Freedom Place, a rare facility that has raised enough private dollars to care for up to 20 of the state's estimated 80,000 child sex-trafficking victims at any given time.

They've most likely suffered repeated physical and sexual abuse, both in their homes and on the streets.

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So Shandra Carter, Freedom Place’s executive director, said she doesn’t use that tactic when rehabilitating victims.If a girl starts acting up or pushing boundaries, everyone at Freedom Place — from counselors to cooks to maintenance workers — is trained to be a calming presence, not to shout or lecture.

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"That's why Detective Watts came and found you the first time, and that's why he came right back in and got you the second time." Sarah nods.AUSTIN — It's close to midnight, more than five hours since police officers came through the door of Sarah's motel room.She is just starting to pick french fries out of a fast food bag that has sat untouched in front of her.Austin police officers had enough training to recognize her as a potential victim and to alert their department's specialized trafficking team.A probation officer knew to call them when Sarah went missing again.She slowly begins to volunteer information about what has happened since she left juvenile detention. Within days, Chris reconnected with her through a friend. There was the time Chris learned Sarah had made a plan to escape, so he stripped her naked and took away her clothes. Sarah begins to cry, using a brown paper towel to wipe her eyes.