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Blogger rss feed not updating

In situations like this, communication is critical.

Joe was less fortunate and had to give 30 days, but a lead time is better than nothing so I don’t believe Doobox left anyone high and dry and did communicate the changes coming. Can we just be positive and believe that nobody would want another’s work to suffer or lose face with a site going down and would work like the clappers to get something fixed if they could.

That’s what we do we our addons and I know all developers have pride in their work and wouldn’t want anything different.

Peace out Hi, since I posted this in the beginning, just a few facts: I discovered the RSS Factory stack in June 2016 (either it was part of the mega deal I purchased a year before or I downloaded it at that time, I can’t remember).

Anyway, I was in e-mail contact with Doobox support twice because of it - once in June and once in October 2016. But I never was informed that the stack would become defunct because of Google’s changes.

Ours still exists and is available, so we are developing it, supporting it and making it better / bug fixing when necessary!

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On my big website there is the same error message as with the Reblog stack (“Sorry this feed could not be loaded”). I know that I also have serious troubles with Plus Kit, but I deleted Plus Kit from the test project and it is a simple thing and nothing complicated. Meanwhile I got a development version of the stack from the developer and it works - great! On the other hand, nothing back from the support team of Doobox concerning the non-functioning RSS Factory, even after writing to them several times. Franz ‌Denn das ganze Gesetz ist erfüllt, wenn ihr das eine Gebot haltet: „Liebe deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst!“‌ Galater 5,14 Franz Rathmair | Mobil: 43 650 53 46 175 | Web: Managed to get the Blogger feed working across all browsers on 2 of my sites with Stacks4Stacks Feedslider but found it doesn’t work with Chrome Canary (not a major problem as Canary is a daily build development browser).

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It would have helped if Doobox had even told us “Sorry, we don’t support this any more - you’re on your own”, because then it would have been clear what to do.If you view their site (https:// the Stack in question is no longer for sale and maybe not for over a year as Jamie pointed out also, and doesn’t exist on the Community site anymore ( factory) so why should they have to keep supporting something that doesn’t exist anymore?Reblog JS is working on my test site (but imports the news in total), but not on my major site! I’ve got the same problem with the RSS Factory stack from Doobox not working anymore.(Error message “Sorry this feed could not be loaded”). Franz PS: I have revised the text several times by now, after testing. I noticed that the developer for Social Stream updated their stack and in the update notes it said that the RSS API key was being moved to Yahoo as Google had discontinued theirs. I’m guessing that stack is now retired because it hasn’t been on the Doobox website for a while.The front-facing site of my own organization had a big error message on it all of a sudden, and before I realized it was there and did emergency repairs, it made me and my group look unprofessional.