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If you go to the top on a clear day he view is outstanding.

If you choose to not dress conservatively, you won’t be thrown in jail for it or anything like that.

Dress code laws do exist but for the most part, they can be fairly lax.

It’s creating fear among travelers and making people worry about visiting Dubai.

Although I can’t speak for countries such as Iraq and Syria (I’m going to take a wild guess and say that they’re pretty dangerous), I can speak for the United Arab Emirates and I believe that Dubai is very safe. The taxis are fairly cheap and lots of the drivers speak English.

Several days ago, a huge story exploded in the news about a couple who was jailed in Abu Dhabi for having premarital sex.

However, I chose to be respectful of the Muslim faith and cover myself while in Dubai.It was a completely personal decision because I wanted to be respectful and blend in with the locals.

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Additionally, looser clothes won’t show off your womanly shape, which is frowned upon in Dubai. I saw plenty of women walking around without their legs or shoulders covered. There’s a reason that the saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is so famous.The cheapest taxis are still very nice and there’s really no reason to shell out the big bucks on a luxury ride.If you want to get around like a local, do ride the Dubai Metro.That is exactly how you should travel and it is applicable to every spectrum of the traveling world. And if you’re a woman, I recommend covering wearing conservative clothes.I found some websites like this one to be very helpful in deciding what to wear and how I was going to style my clothing.Tickets to the very top can be pricy and on hazy days you can’t see very much.