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Centstorage error while updating

() nfilus: graphs are autogenerated, if the service you defined returns performance data () zelia5: how do i generate perfdata ?

() dharrison: yes, just checked () nfilus: so, this is the file you checked before for access, right?

() dharrison: yup () dharrison: but its not the same file that $USER1$ points to. () nfilus: you mean $USER1$/process-service-perfdata? () dharrison: yup () nfilus: no, this was the command that gets the perfdata from service checks and writes them into /var/log/nagios3/service-perfdata () dharrison: oh ok () nfilus: please do () nfilus: tail -f /var/log/nagios3/service-perfdata () nfilus: and watch for changes for 1-2 minutes () dharrison: ok running now () nfilus: is there any data comming in?

This error is common for people migrating from pnp4nagios or who did import their old nagios commands into centreon and who chose to overwrite the default values.

For centstorage to work correctly it is essential to process the performance data coming from the plugins, which is expected in a well-defined format.

() dharrison: yes () nfilus: ok, () nfilus: ps ax | grep cent () nfilus: centstorage is running?

Please check the system clock on your monitoring server.It might be that the systime is jumping or beeing re-adjusted by NTP, /etc/adjtime or vmware-tools.

The format is determined by the command definition which nagios is using as Service Performance Data Processing Command in Configuration - Q: Where and how do I configure Centreon that it has to use the performance data to create a graph?() dharrison: yes () nfilus: please paste the perfdata here () dharrison: '5 min avg Load'=1%;85;90;0;100 () nfilus: looks ok () nfilus: so, perfdata is generated, but not processed () nfilus: go to config - misc () nfilus: you should have sth like a process-service-perfdata command () nfilus: (i think my definition is not standard) () dharrison: yup i have that () nfilus: open it and paste the command line () dharrison: $USER1$/process-service-perfdata "$LASTSERVICECHECK$" "$HOSTNAME$" "$SERVICEDESC$" "$LASTSERVICESTATE$" "$SERVICESTATE$" "$SERVICEPERFDATA$" () nfilus: looks ok () nfilus: config - data () dharrison: ok () nfilus: perdata option is yes () nfilus: service command is process-service-perfdata () nfilus: service data file is /usr/local/nagios/var/service-perfdata () nfilus: ok?() dharrison: its /var/log/nagios3/service-perfdata () dharrison: and perfdata option is yes () nfilus: is this the same path as defined in administratin - options?() nfilus: there is no until now and /usr/local/centreon/log is writeable, yes?() dharrison: i have now ran that as sudo and came back ok () dharrison: i ran /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/local/centreon/bin/centstorage as sudo which i should have done tbh. or any errors () dharrison: data () dharrison: lots Tuning : Timing Interval) is not defined in config, or there is no check interval for some services () i LLi ZT: Hmm, there might not be a check interval defined for a couple of services, but shouldn't they use some kind of default then?() grandmoun: How can i create graphs in centreon??