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The primary method used to assess the left ventricle is steady state free precession (SSFP) technique at 1.5 Tesla.

One study used SSFP radial imaging, and is not included in this review [Because slice FGRE acquisition parameters at 3T are different than at 1.5T, adaptation of 1.5T FGRE normal parameters to 3T FGRE imaging is not recommended.

Information on ethnicity in relationship to LV parameters is not available for SSFP technique. For diastolic function, the derivative of the time/ volume filling curve expresses the peak filling rate (PFR).

Knowledge of normal values for quantitative CMR is crucial to interpretation of results and to distinguish normal from disease.

In this review, we present normal reference values for morphological and functional CMR parameters of the cardiovascular system based on the peer-reviewed literature and current CMR techniques and sequences.

Advantages of quantitative evaluation are objective differentiation between pathology and normal conditions, grading of disease severity, monitoring changes under therapy and evaluating prognosis.

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Morphological and functional parameters such as chamber size and function, aortic diameters and distensibility, flow and T1 and T2* relaxation time can be assessed and quantified by cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR).In addition, factors related to post processing will affect the CMR analysis, and these factors are also described.When multiple peer-reviewed manuscripts are available for normal values, we describe the criteria used to select data for inclusion into this review.Quantitative cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) is able to provide a wealth of information to help distinguish health from disease.In addition to defining chamber sizes and function, CMR can also determine regional function of the heart as well as tissue composition (myocardial T1 and T2* relaxation time).When feasible, we provide weighted means based on these literature values. age, gender, and ethnicity) may have an influence on normal values and are specified in the review.