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Enjoy surfing the web, downloading apps, watching movies, playing games and more – all at ultra-fast speed. Terrible camera, slow, back cover doesnt stay shut (designed with poor plastic clamps), not resistant to dropping (half of workplace phones glass broke within first year). I don't care if you can't cut paper with the side, this phone is supposed to be tough, not thin.

Simply use the Xcover Key to access your most frequently used apps. Because this models battery is mounted with hooks, it would often have the battery and backside fall off upon falling down.

The dedicated Key allows you to control the functions with minimal fuss. That was a major downside, because being rugged is what Xcover is supposed to be first and foremost - ideally bring back the pressurised battery container that could only be opened with a coin from the dumbphone edition please!

You can also specify the temperature setpoint and how long it should run or the exact date/time it turns off.

Optional alerts for blackouts and low/high temperature.

Control household appliances from remote by means of SMS, calls and even tweets. Create an output control strategy based on input signals and schedule up to 100 activities on a time basis by means of embedded programmer.

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In isolated or unguarded buildings, alarm sirens are not enough to ensure immediate reporting and actions in case of emergency.

Internal time counter could be set to keep trace of working time for industrial machinery, boilers, elevators, freezers, vending machines...Enjoy peace of mind in any conditions with the incredibly robust Xcover3.Designed to withstand the rigours of both water and dust, the IP67-certified Xcover3 is equally at home on building sites, desert roads and ski slopes.Enjoy an improved grip with the Xcover3, easier to hold in one hand thanks to its slim 9.95 mm-thick body.Its sturdy-yet-stylish design also boasts exceptional practicality.With support for LTE Cat4, the Xcover3 offers download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and upload speed of up to 50 Mbps. The phone lasted 3 years with only a single microscratch without using any cases, so the screen quality is briliant. The battery life was good enough for charging every second day. Please make sure version 4 has a "falling from the table" treatment in testing and rework it if the battery falls out, that's just inexcusable.