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Read More The inspection team looked at the progress made on the action points from the last inspection in 2014 and decided that “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection”.

During the visit, pupils learnt about artefacts in the house and explored the gardens.

They looked around Coate Water to identify key sites used in Richards Jefferies’ books and then finished the day warming up around a campfire, telling stories and eating biscuits!

Here is what some of our students had to say about the trip.

"On the Richard Jefferies Museum trip, we learnt that Richard Jefferies was an English writer who wrote books about his childhood life on a Wiltshire farm.

I also learnt that Richard Jefferies, when he was a boy, used to have a toy trumpet.

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We were very open about our strengths and weaknesses, this self-awareness is crucial for a good judgement because it shows we are not complacent about what we want to improve" In December, 7P and 7U visited the Richard Jefferies Museum as part of their English work.

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They are highly positive about the pastoral support they receive. The Principal, Mr Hughes congratulated his staff team and students saying: "I am delighted that the college has once again been recognised as good.Pupils of different abilities are set challenging tasks which enable them to acquire skills and knowledge appropriate for their ages”.Safeguarding was judged as effective." Pupils who spoke with inspectors reported that they feel safe in school.This is because leaders have created an orderly school environment, underpinned by the Catholic faith that forms a key part of the school’s identity.This is a school where pupils respect others and, in large part, work harmoniously with each other in a purposeful way.Our aim is to provide a caring and supportive environment in which each individual can progress academically, spiritually and culturally.