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Our daughter took on the role of trying to keep her grandmother happy. She was only responsible for her own happiness and that of being a child.

As a wife I took that as meaning I had no value and worth to my husband.

Many of the things his mother had said to others inevitably got back to us.

Knowing him, he will keep it on silent or off so as not to ruin the day. I had to take a break from this subject for a while.

I am going to spend the day trying not to think about her and attempt to not jump when his phone rings.

There were periods of time where he would refuse to allow his mother access to the kids.

It was then we realized the emotional damage that was being done to the kids not to mention the verbal abuse that was being carried out.

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He would always tell me that there was no possible way he could approach his parents with what was being said because one cannot argue with a crazy women.Sadly, my husband has the same view of his maternal grandmother.Their memories consist of being told what a b*tch their mother is and a liar and that she was pregnant before they were married. I do feel this will be good for me but it is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. This has brought so many feelings, many conflicting, that I needed to step away.What she didn’t understand was that it didn’t hurt me per se but that it hurt me to think of a grandmother that would be so cruel in spouting such garbage to the children.