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Outlook distribution list update not updating

To send mail from G Suite to the same lists you send to from Outlook, recreate your lists in G Suite as personal Google .

Any category you assign to a contact in Outlook won't appear in G Suite.

Rich formatting in descriptions: Links, bolding, and other rich content added in Outlook to a contact's Notes field, appear as plain text in G Suite.

Microsoft said that external “guests” will be supported in the future.

In addition, Office 365 Groups cannot be nested and dynamic groups are not supported.

When a new group is created, a provisioning process kicks in to create a shared Exchange Online mailbox, which is used to store contributions to group conversations as well as a shared calendar.

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(GSSMO), you can access your same contacts from the G Suite interface that you see in Microsoft Outlook.These include your personal contacts as well as any global contacts set up for your domain.

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The membership of an Office 365 group is composed solely of mailboxes and doesn’t accommodate the mail contacts, mail users, and mail-enabled public folders that are often found in Exchange distribution groups.Office 365 Groups received a lot of attention from Microsoft at the recent Ignite conference in Chicago.Positioned as a single identity that enables group members to access resources drawn from across Office 365, these groups are also regarded as a potential migration path for traditional Exchange resources such as distribution groups and public folders.They don’t exist in the on-premises space but in hybrid deployments, Office 365 Groups can be synchronized back to on-premises Active Directory via the AADConnect tool, where they function as distribution groups.There’s lots of interesting aspects to explore about Office 365 Groups, including the recent arrival of support in Outlook 2016, which is the focus of this article.This means that lists you create in Outlook aren't automatically available from G Suite.