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She is probably early 30, but pretty good looking in my opinion, 8.5 ish.

Be good to her - she's a keeper ; I'll never have second thoughts driving from the south bay to meet her. She puts a lot of energy into her service and tries hard to please.

She is attractive and resembles her photoshopped pics, and her greeting at the door is warm and loving even for a first time visitor.

Anyways, basic setup at familiar large complex in San Jose, easy access, street parking. I would rate her a really good comfort Vicky has got a lot of reviews so I will try to keep this brief EVERYTHING WAS EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE, if your into that you will love this girl. Door opens, in my opinion she did not look the same as the photos. If you like this go to Japan, every chick pro and civilian... I'm very sloppy with cunnilingus, it must be an ethnicity thing, lol. I put my arm around her, she leaned into me, and we sat and talked. I looked at the clock and we only had about 15 mins left, usually I go for 2 hours but, had a teleconference later that evening so I could only fit in an hour.

Vicky was behind the door in a two-piece peach lingerie and heels, very, very sexy. Called at 4pm as I was getting the urge, didn't think I would find a offered Vicky. Any how, she asked for for my finger (got to be safe gents, wrap EVERYTHING that could get a thick bodily fluid on it). I didn't move my fingers in and out she was doing all the work. She started to moan loudly while I was inside her mouth still. She asked if we could go again, I told her I only had 15 mins left in the hour. She pleaded to go again, and stated masturbating again.

I told her I was almost there, and she started to masturbate more vigorously, and told me to cum on her breasts. Luckily, this was back to back so it wasn't a heavy load.

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Welcomed me with a hug and session, very responsive, once nice and wet, pulled her to the edge and plunged in. F: 9, cute, great eye contacts, and smiles B: 9, petite but not skinny S: 9, full-menu, unrushed, wants to please and be pleased A: 10, friendly, playful, energetic and enthusiastic . She then started to masturbate, pushing my thumb down, then taking over working the clitoris. She looked at me with a smile and stated to lick up and down my cock, very hot! I told her I like to watch, she got on the floor in front of me and continued to masturbate. It was super hot, I was getting hard so I started to masturbate.She came, her kegels forced my "condom finger" out and it was dipping with cum, to the point it was almost comical, she continued to masturbate while still performing a great , she was breathing heavily from the orgasm and I wanted to give her some air. She stopped and moved for again, but I stopped her. About 3 mins into it I was about to cum, you always know yourself the best, lol.

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She is only 22 years old, stands 5'2" and weights 95 lbs.She has decent height, good enough figure, great lips and decent tits. As she opened the door, I was slightly disappointed, but a fellow monger told me about her and decided she is good, so I decided to stay. At first, she was a bit mechanical but as we got more into it, her attitude changed to a horny sex freak. After I came the 2nd time, we talked some more and finally it was time.I would revisit but I monger very rarely, and want to sample others, else would not hesitate to repeat. She really doesn't look like the girl in the picture. Took our last shower together then said our goodbyes.Rubbing my chest telling me that Koreans don't have this. Feel like cumming so I pulled out and blew all over her nice body. was able to get me the appointment time I requested, standard 2 call system in upscale location in the peninsula with plenty of parking. Vicky is very serviced oriented and I highly recommend her and have already repeated.So I rubbed her chest and said "I noticed, no hair because you are Korean." She looked at me earnestly with a bit of shock saying "because I am a girl." As I was going out I was given a new title, I am no longer just Oppa I am now Oppa meosjin and I have once again fallen madly in love. Standard blue toast and shower routine, but she was extremely sexy by maintain eye contact after I left the shower and she was cleaning herself.Back to the bedroom and the fun began., The woman threw herself into her job and the result was wonderful. Reached 5 mins earlier, she is roomate of Hara and instructions were spot on. I am a sucker for looks and would rate Vicky higher than the 2 other K dolls I have seen Hara and Kimmi.