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Also, you can use your joystick buttons as well to recall saved views.

This should immediately help people who had trouble with the left clicks activating their mouse-flying box. We’ve added a system called “Quick-Look” (QL from this point on).

Technically, you already have QL but I didn’t want to point it out to everyone until I had time to make some improvements to the system which I’ve done for Beta 5.

Now, no matter what view you’re in, if head movement or zoom is possible, it’s done with right click and scroll.

It used to require a LEFT click and scrolling was not an option.

The reason for that limitation, is that these views are saved a little differently than other things in the sim. This is necessary so that your views for the Cessna 172 stay with the aircraft and don’t interfere with views for the King Air etc.

The first change is the removal of the “mouse look” in 3D mode.


On se koristi u obliku oksimetazolin hidrohlorida u proizvodima kao što su Afrin, Dristan, Nasivin, Logicin, Vicks Sineks, Visin L. She found it very easy to use and when she woke up this morning she was actually feeling better than she had yesterday when the cold symptoms started.She was nervous to try it out but very glad she did. Although I'm not looking forward to getting a cold this year, it's good to know that I have these on hand to help me feel better faster.To save a view to QL3, just get the view the way you like it, then press CONTROL Num-pad 3.CONTROL is the default modifier key to do memorization.Like most of the commands in X-Plane, these are customizable so you can wire them up to any button combinations that you want.