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Some theodicies also address the evidential problem of evil by attempting "to make the existence of an all-knowing, all-powerful and all-good or omnibenevolent God consistent with the existence of evil" or suffering in the world.

Contrasting the former humility of the Corinthians with the ambition which has now given rise to strife, the author states that the Corinthians had once been 'satisfied with the provision (ephodios) of Christ' (2:1). What role did this play in the revolt against the presbyters?

Dionysius of Corinth, in his letter to Soter, observed that it had been the custom of the Roman church from the beginning 'to send contributions (ephodia) to many churchs in every city' (Euseb. Were the established presbyters accused of embezzlement?

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The epistle is customarily dated to the end of the reign of Domitian (95 or 96 C. In the first sentence of the letter, the author explains that the Roman church has been delayed in turning its attention to the dispute at Corinth by "sudden and repeated misfortunes and hindrances which have befallen us" (1:1). Thus one must rely upon more general statements in the epistle and in tradition.

Pearson correlation analysis, the -test, one-way analysis of variance and chi-square test were used for data analysis.There are references to the letter by the middle of the next century in the works of Hegesippus and Dionysius of Corinth (apud Euseb. Most notably, there is stated to be "a rule of succession" for bishops and deacons who have "fallen asleep" (44:2). Alvar Ellegrd has argued for a date as early as the sixties of the first century for a few reasons in his Jesus: the Temple cult is mentioned in the present tense (pp.38-39), Peter and Paul are mentioned as of "our generation" (pp.Did the new leaders seek another contribution, to replace the funds their predecessors stole?Polycarp reports that the presbyter Valens was deposed from office for "avarice" (Ad Phil. The unrest of the 1st and 2d centuries almost always had economic causes; and the agreements which brought strife to an end usually included concrete provisions which served the interests of all parties.), in its most common form, is an attempt to answer the question of why a good God permits the manifestation of evil.