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So they experience extreme stigma and praise at the same time.

A typical night out usually begins at the salon, where we would get our hair and nails done.

The girls who work in the hostess bars that I was researching -- these are bars where Cambodian women sit and chat with mainly western customers, but also increasing numbers of East and Southeast Asian men -- are able to afford this daily activity due to the increased spending capacity they have which results from the material benefits they gain from foreign boyfriends.

DHS: Do the bar girls see themselves as sex workers?

HH: Actually, the majority of women I spoke to in the hostess bars over the years do not, in fact, identify as sex workers, or their search for foreign boyfriends as work.

They can either do domestic work like cleaning, or street trading of fruits or other goods, or garment factory work, or entertainment or sex work.

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Heidi Hoefinger: I went to Cambodia 10 years ago as a backpacker and I ended up meeting, and connecting with a few girls really quickly.

And though we came from different ethnic, economic, class and educational backgrounds, we shared similar aspirations: to be happy and live in comfortable environments with our material, physical and emotional needs met.DHS: Did you spend much time in the bars, and what happens on a typical night?HH: During several visits over several years, I spent every night out in the bars with the women.Most women are very resourceful and entrepreneurial, and the ultimate goal of many of them was to open their own businesses -- like a clothing store, bar, restaurant or salon, so they could support themselves and their families.Of course meeting a nice person along the way, who treats them and their families with love and respect, was also one of the life goals for many.But, they can also materially 'make-up' for their tarnished images by providing their families with new houses, cars, and tuition for their siblings.