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While his father, Nikos Kitsikis, rector of the Polytechnical School, was a leftist Member of Parliament, Senator and elected Mayor of Athens, Dimitri Kitsikis is averse towards the parliamentary system, which he regards as foreign to the Greek model of a government by the people or laocracy, Greek "λαοκρατία".

Intermediate Region, Eastern Party in Greece and Turkey, Hellenoturkism, Bektashi–Alevi religious origin of the Ottoman dynasty, neo-Ottomanism, Anti-parliamentarism, Laocracy, National Bolshevism, Eurasianism Dimitri Kitsikis is a Turkologist and Professor of International Relations and Geopolitics at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada since 1970, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; he received his doctoral degree in 1963 from the Sorbonne, Paris, under the supervision of Pierre Renouvin.

He has been named one of the "three top geopolitical thinkers worldwide, Karl Haushofer, Halford Mackinder and Dimitri Kitsikis".

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His father, Nicolas Kitsikis (1887–1978), rector of the Polytechnic School in Athens, the most famous civil engineer of Greece, was a senator and an MP.

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Her father, Emmanuel Petychakis founded a beverage production plant in Cairo, Egypt and her stepfather Aristidis Stergiadis was the High Commissioner of Greece in Smyrna (Izmir) from 1919 to 1922.

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Dimitri Kitsikis was honoured by the Greek State in 2006.He is the founder of the branch of study known as Photohistory.Kitsikis regards the Greek language as the cornerstone of planetary civilization, and he thus deems it an honour for one to be able to write in Greek.He has insisted that religion is an essential component of international politics and strove by conferences and other means to facilitate the collaboration between the four main religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.He organised Orthodox dialogues with Iranian Shiites and Indian Hindus.The well-established notion of Greeks enslaved by Turks and a series of beliefs on the Ottoman Empire, which had been traditionally taught in schools and universities throughout Greece, such as the story of the so-called "secret school," were strongly questioned.