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The crab are plentiful, and there are plenty of houseboats for sale should a mermaid choose to settle down with a lonely tugboat captain.

It won’t be long before these mer-folk abandon their underwater kingdoms to live closer to humans.

Estately scoured America for cities that would provide the best habitat for a mermaid.

And when a mermaid’s had her fill of shrimp she can feast on blue crabs, crawfish, and raw oysters.

Plus, New Orleans sees an abundance of boat travel going up and down the Mississippi river, and during Mardi Gras mermaids can flop their way down the street and people will just think you have an awesome costume.

The “world’s only city of live mermaids,” Weeki Wachee Springs boasts a population of just 12, and is home to the legendary mermaid shows at Newton Perry Underwater Theater.

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A lonely mermaid should have no trouble seeking out sailor company at the nations sixth busiest port, or at the area’s many ship yards.

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The next step in the evolution of country music will no doubt come from an infusion of sea shanties sung by some stunning siren.As Congress struggles to agree on comprehensive immigration legislation, the next wave of immigrants is already arriving in America—mermaids.These sea sirens are drawn to our shores by changing ocean conditions, rising sea levels, and the lure of a career in the entertainment industry following the commercial success of Disney’s .Icy mountain lakes don’t sound like typical mermaid habitat, but Lake Tahoe makes up for the chill with one big plus—NO SHARKS.Many of the homes along the water do have outdoor hot tubs so it’s easy to take the chill off.There are harbor seals to keep as pets, ample octopus wrestling opportunities, two of ten busiest U. ports in Seattle and neighboring Tacoma, and a handful of naval bases heavily stocked with sailors.