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Help updating my cv

So including a photo is going to create an immediate first impression on the recruiter that they won’t be able to ignore.

Your job experience may be extraordinary, but presenting it in out-of-date formats gives prospective employers the impression you’re behind the times.

Today’s resumes are leaner and meaner than their old counterparts.

Many Gen-X employers take the same view of Times New Roman.

The “best” font for a resume is, of course, a subjective choice.

The working world is always changing and your CV needs to reflect that.

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Whether or not you should list your previous roles really depends on whether they are relevant to your future career.

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IT CVs also tend to be quite long if the person has been involved in a number of different projects, but these are exceptions to the rule.Your CV shouldn’t contain any personal information that others can judge you on – the way you look, your age and whether or not you are married have no bearing on your ability to do the job.It is important to note that some countries in Continental Europe, including France and Germany, expect a photo to be included as standard, so if you are applying for jobs internationally it’s worth doing your homework.” “A CV is your most important marketing tool, and you can and will be judged on every aspect of it, so keep it professional.Any font smaller than size 9 font is too small for easy reading, and no one’s going to squint to read your resume.Size 10 to 12 makes your resume much more readable. Job reviewers can open and read PDF files easily, and you avoid the risk someone will accidentally edit your resume.Always proofread your CV carefully.” “Judging by appearances is human nature – we know we shouldn’t but we can’t help it.